New iPad

Apple conducted their big reveal today suspending the yearning for more information on the “iPad 3”, “iPad 2S”, or “iPad HD” until buzz of the next Apple release. The name? Just Apple’s new iPad. That’s it. No “2S” or “3” marking the version of the tablet; just the new iPad. Well the new iPad is available for pre-order today and set to put all other tablets to shame with the sharpest image display on the market. The new retina display yields 3.1 million pixels in 2038 x 1536 – 264 ppi. The new iPad has an amazing resolution with higher color saturation. In other words, the picture is closer to perfect.

On the topic of pictures, the camera will be closer in quality to the camera on the iPhone 4S. The 5 megapixel camera is definitely an improvement from the grainy images produced by its predecessor. The new iPad features the iSight camera which can also capture 1080p video. Useful improvements for those using the iPad for professional purposes.

The dimensions are the same as the iPad 2 but what users will find particularly useful is the dictation key on the keyboard using audio technology that allow users to vocalize their text, memoes, and such. The new feature works by tapping the dictation microphone on the keypad, voicing your message, and then tapping ‘done.’ It then converts your message into text form. The dictation feature also works with third-party Apps so you can update your Facebook status, add a caption to your Instagram photo, or search the web with the simple sound of your voice.

Apple also added software that allows the use of the tablet as a WiFi hotspot for further mobile usage; a feature only enabled per carrier agreement. Additionally, the iPad also features LTE radio on both Verizon and AT&T in the US; outside of the US Rogers, Bell, and Telus. The new iPad will be noticeably faster on the 4G LTE.

With the 3rd generation tablet, Apple has also introduced the iPhoto App which makes use of new multi-touch technology which allows the use of hand gestures to sort through hundreds of photos and enhance and retouch photos with fingertip brushes.

The new iPad, available in black or white, hits stores in the US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan on March 16th and ranges from $499 for 16GB to $829 for 64GB with 4G.