Katy perry super bowl performance looks

Katy Perry’s looks from Super Bowl 49’s half-time act. Designed by Jeremy Scott. Images: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

…The act, the costumes designed by Jeremy Scott – which were very Jeremy Scott. We are sure it must have been a spectacle and amazing from the stands but, we only watch the Super Bowl for the half-time show and… what a yawn-fest.

No, we get it. It is impressive that she changed 3 times during the show and it had to be something she can pull off in seconds but the hoodie for the Missy Elliot collaboration and the beach outfit…snore. Don’t you think one amazing costume is better than 4 average costumes? After all, it is the Super Bowl. Millions are watching.

The flame suit did provide us with a spark. It did. But then we began thinking of the Flintstones. …Still not sure why…

Then, the dancing sharks…yikes. Missy Elliot was the highlight of the show and we realize that “flying” over the Sun Devil Stadium is not an easy fete… nor was standing above the giant metal lion. We drew a breath just watching but all just mildly entertaining.

That’s all. We’ll get back to our onion bagel.