Stella McCartney releases a post-mastectomy bra in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. McCartney designs a bra for double mastectomy patient needs – zip front for easy fitting and removal, deep-sided closure, and padded to provide compression during the healing process. A deeply personal item, McCartney lost her mother to breast cancer in 1998. “Cancer and mastectomy cannot destroy you, they cannot win,” says McCartney.

The bra is called the “Louise Listening” bra after her mother Louise McCartney. In addition to providing functionality and comfort for the recovery process, the bra is designed in a blush hue with lace trimming to provide the sense of femininity and fashion much needed after surgery. The “Louise Listening” bra is available on on October 1. Proceeds will benefit the Hello Beautiful Foundation.

Stella McCartney post mastectomy bra

The Stella McCartney post mastectomy “Louise Listening” bra in honor of Breast Awareness Month.