The purpose of Snap can be lost to new users when you are not learned on how to snap and when to snap. (Check the “snap” usage.) A key way to begin such a lesson is to follow interesting snappers. Here, we have the top 10 snappers of 2015. These 10 snappers go beyond the kissy face, look-at-my-perfect-figure, and pretty meal snaps which cause their accounts to be a must-follow.

You will not find @Kylizzlemynizzl (Kylie Jenner) here nor droves of models. Snapchat is most interesting when it is a partial window into a charmed life; filled with humorous antics; or simply an interesting and active life. These 10 snappers feature interesting and genuine moments all year round.

If you have graduated from IG (that’s Instagram to the social media clueless…don’t know why you don’t know this) to Snap, here are the accounts you MUST follow, Sly gals. These snappers fill our slow moments throughout the day with intriguing feeds. (And to those, well versed in social media speak – Bravo!)


Brendan Fallis and Hannah Bronfman

Photo: @brendanfallis and @hannahbgood

1. @Hannahbgood/@BrendanFallis – New York’s darling DJ couple…and two separate accounts is an inspirational and cute moment-filled follow. Heavy on the workout snaps, Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis motivate us to get to our soul cycle class. But so much of the time if you saw one’s snap, you’ve seen the other. But it is cool to see their different perspectives on a moment…we think a social study can be conducted from their accounts. They do separate… like every 2 weeks.


2. @Shionat – Fashion’s sassy shade caster is everywhere we want to be. Follow former fashion editor turned fashion stylist Shiona Turini to see which darling friend she is throwing shade. You will also witness the best collaboration with major fashion houses as well as trips to the most sought after industry events. We sense a revolutionizing-the-game going on…bloggers beware.


3. @Nausheenshah – Fashion’s globetrotter is precisely dressed 24/8. She is pulling a Rihanna in Dubai; singing and partying with the Italians; surfing in Sunny CA – all dressed up in the runway collections and stilettos…actually…now that we think of it…we hate her.


Irene Kim

Photo: @Ireneisgood

4. @Tliboys – You know those boys that make it fun to come into the office because of their mindless shenanigans? Yeah well, that is this account. For silly Hollywood shooting-the-breeze footage, check out the Rat Boyz. Expect lots and lots of art-enhanced snaps with blood and all sorts of emoticons.


5. @Rihanna – Follow Rihanna because our fingers stumble as we frantically tap to watch her snaps. If you are lucky, you will catch personal moments like her lounging in her multi-million dollar flat in New York; dancing and gliding in a gushingly lux gown; and lighting candles on a lavishly decorated table for what looks like the most elegant Thanksgiving in the history of Thanksgivings.


Now This snapchat

Photo: @Nowthis


6. @Travelnoire – This charming account follows a small team as they travel the world. Italy, Morocco – we anxiously await their next travel adventure. No stuffy, been-here-before airs with this group which adds to the fresh experience followers enjoy.

7. @Ireneisgood – Model Irene Kim actually has more to share on her snap than kissy faces and shots of her perfect abs and derriere. She snaps a lot of her mom who is just as cute as Kim.

8. @Diplo – Following Diplo as he DJ’s the hottest parties around the globe is like attending the best parties in the world from your bedroom. Kingston, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Chicago, Houston – are all stops in just the last month. His travels and gigs include all the worst behavior often found at young, high energy parties among other destinations.

9. @Nowthisnews – The draw in this news account is in the delivery. features snaps of breaking news in the coolest formats in 6 to 12 seconds. This news account is an extension of the @nowthisnews Twitter account. Obviously this is the best news follow for those with severe cases of ADHD.

10. @Man_repeller – Her snaps are as witty and cheeky as her blog. Leandra Medine is quirky, funny and gives followers a peak into the Man Repeller headquarters. We also get snaps of Medine’s unique #OOTD (that’s, outfit-of-the-day *sigh*) and front row views to the top runway shows.