Sunday brunch - Delpozo fall 2016

Cardinal rule #1: Sunday brunch – Delpozo fall 2016.

  1. Sunday brunch is for sassy, feast-for-the-eye style. There is nothing wrong with a nod to propriety and buttoning it up. Button up equals less sex, more style.
  2. Tailoring is not yet overrated. If you love it and it is too large, buy it and get it tailored. But too small can never be forgiven. When one comes across a to-die-for-garment that is too small and larger sizes are no longer available, damn the fashion gods, look on it fondly and leave it behind on the shelf for the next girl.
  3. If and when white stockings make a return to fashion, unless you are a nurse, leave this fashion for the long and  slim limb girls.
  4. When in flats do make it interesting. Spend on a unique pair. Ballerina flats seldom fare well on the streets or in the office.
  5. When in inclement weather, do go dramatic. Think DSquared2 fall 2016 runway. There is simply never a reason to lose one’s sense of style…not even for a flood.

    Daphne Guinness attends Alexander McQueen Memorial.

    Daphne Guinness attends Alexander McQueen Memorial.

  6. (Open morbid but imperative rules) Do wear a hat to a funeral.
  7. Do set aside your interment attire. Simply keep it at the back of your closet in a garment bag labeled “Interment”. Even as you leave this world behind, leave making a lasting statement, darling. (End morbid rules.)

8. When faced with an invitation with a dress code request which takes you out of your comfort zone, ponder why you have a “comfort zone” at all. A host’s request is next to a president’s request – to be followed. …Or stay at home in your “comfort zone”, whatever that is, and spare your host your unimaginative company.

9. If it feels good and begs explanation – bravo!

10. Confidence is the epitome of style.

11. Thou shall not let friends wander style-less.

12. Lastly, raise your right hand and place your left hand upon your most prized style element (this might be an Alaia shoe or Dries piece) and state the following words: “I, [your name], solemnly do swear that any spectacle, prescription or fashion, that sit upon my nose will be bold and theft-worthy.”

Inclement weather looks from the runway. Left, Dsquared2 fall 2016, inset, Balenciaga pre-fall 2016)

Cardinal rule #5: Inclement weather looks from the runway. Left, fall 2016 Dsquared2, and inset, pre-fall 2016 Balenciaga)