Caroline de Maigret (Photo: Instagram/@carolinedemaigret)

Caroline de Maigret (Photo: Instagram/@carolinedemaigret)

By this time you have read excerpts, if not read “How to Be Parisian” in its entirety – our Spotlight gal Caroline de Maigret’s hugely popular 2014 title which has been published in 26 languages. What is everyone going on about the quintessential Parisian, former model, now cool-girl? It is the devil-may-care brand of style that has us believing she undoubtedly has all the answers.

…Not to mention her hair…

There are 2 types of stylish women in the world: 1. Those who are obsessive about their hair – whether carefully coiffed, think Olivia Palermo or former Oscar PR girl Erika Bearman; extension-crazed, Kim Kardashian or Beyonce; or the natural girls, like Solange Knowles, and 2. Those who do not comb their hair.  We adore the latter and de Maigret is just one such girl claiming she has “no time to brush” her hair. Consider this tip from her book:

“Cut your own hair or ask your sister to do it for you. Of course you know celebrity hairdressers, but only as friends.” Precisely. Okay, perhaps we do not have celebrity stylist on our speed dial but a few budding hair stylists, yes.

Who has time to brush and coif their hair much less obsess about their do when there is so much more happening in the world? Don’t get us wrong, we do care about our hair but it’s more a once a week type of care? …once every two weeks? And if it can’t hang on for the next maning, well, hair be damned!

But we digress.

It is this breezy attitude that has the style world intrigued with 41 year-old de Maigret who is the daughter of a count, model, music producer, and spokeswoman having lent her brand to companies like Lancome and Equipment. Her style centers around easy denim looks and, if there is an in-your-face-sexy wardrobe hers is the opposite, asexual pieces. For example, tons of button-down shirts tucked into bell or relax-fit jeans, a smart blazer, sneakers, and the-night-after hair.


But we are convinced it is less about what de Maigret is wearing and more about an attitude, a confidence. She likes what she wears and feels amazing in its comfort. Perhaps there is a link to her seemingly lack of chasing the fashion scene during fashion month and her confidence. …An understanding that there is more.

And an audacious sense-of-humor.

In addition to co authoring the amusing “How to be a Parisian” (check out this 2-minute clip written by de Maigret and Bertrand Lepluard on “Poolside Realness”) de Maigret is easily funny in a way that increases her style by just poking fun at herself.

(Photo: YouTube/@carolinedemaigret)

Caroline de Maigret backstage at Chanel (Photo: YouTube/@carolinedemaigret)

Speaking before a packed house at the French Institute Alliance Française. Her easy humor and not taking herself too seriously revealed itself instantly when asked by the moderator, “What does your face today say to you?” de Maigret replied, “I don’t know. Jet lag. Partied too much?”

She has an honesty that makes her presence so alluring and charming. Admitting to a crowd, as she spoke to Ellen Hillingsø on the International Authors’ Stage, also mentioned in her book, how she has walked into a party with her boyfriend and instantly spotted the girl who will ruin her night. We all know too well that experience. de Maigret discusses it with such honesty, one feels that it is okay and that it is natural to feel insecure but it is also how one handles that moment which defines her. de Maigret offers an empowering tip which really demonstrates her eternal style. (Read the book for her clever tip for handling that suck-y moment!)

On men…

“I’m very scared,” Ms. de Maigret said of marriage. “I feel like I can leave tomorrow, and I don’t want him to think he has me for life. I want him to kiss me on the lips and be conscious of it. I don’t want to become just a wall.” The honest fear of many women.

de Maigret exhibits power in her flippant attitude and as she grabs control of those uncontrollable fears, like refusing marriage, we find her secret to “Being Parisian” …something we call style.