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How does a florist gone digital influencer get her home ready for the holidays? owner Sarah Corrigan shows us how she creates a holiday fairyland at her UES apartment.

“Definitely no red bows or anything like that,” she affirms to us about her holiday flare. “I prefer to decorate with seasonal blooms.” No, you will not find red bows or holiday baskets at Corrigan’s home but rather a pale palette apartment filled with garlands of eucalyptus leaves and bulb plants.

Corrigan previously owned a floral shop before selling it and going digital. After gaining a depth of knowledge on quality flowers and wholesalers, she happened upon the idea of when the need arose for beautiful flowers for her home but found high price points at local shops like Dean & Deluca. After contacting a local grower, Corrigan had beautiful flowers delivered to her home  via Uber at half the price local shops were offering. offers beautiful fresh flowers daily, curated by Corrigan, at amazing price points and delivered to your home via Uber. does not feature the usual stems offered by your local shops. The carefully selected flowers reflect a specific sense of beauty and style.  It was no surprise to discover the curator’s holiday home style is equal parts chic as it is natural and raw.

Corrigan describes her decor as boho-tanical. We cannot help but to return to a winter fairy land. A large inkblot-like painting by Corrigan of a butterfly hangs in the living room, raw with beauty with unfinished edges and unframed. She confesses she has not framed it because she has not determined its permanent home.

Pale hue furnishings are the extent of the color we find in a quite white palette. Anemones, hellebores, tulips and evergreens fill the shelves and corners of Corrigan’s Manhattan apartment. A beautiful garland arrangement  decorate the entry way to the dining area creating the fairyland feeling in the two bedroom flat.



Windows flood the bedroom with light causing the room to seem further drenched in white. A mirrored tray sits on the bed with the first of dozens of potted beauties. “I don’t sleep in here anymore. I actually sleep in here…” Corrigan takes us to a considerably smaller room with a bed, also dressed in white, against the wall touching three grey walls. “I slept in here once and found I slept so much better so I made this my room.” A cozy nook with one window signalling her preference for small spaces.

At about 5’5”, Corrigan gives off an adorable free spirit. A self proclaimed minimalist, the apartment is literally washed in white – white walls and white floors -and  purposefully decorated. Metallics also glimmer among the white – framing mirrors on the walls and among shelves and carrying flowers.

12-bttrfly_14“Should I put some music on?” It is a resounding yes from our team. We listen to Christmas music for a time until Corrigan sets her playlist on the loud speakers – The Notorious B.I.G., Drake and Wu Tang are among the artist playing. “I listen to this at the gym, it really gets me going.”

The modest sized tree and potted bulbs arranged about the house is covered in snow. White lights adorn corners and decorate the Christmas tree, which sits in a weaved sack further emphasizing Corrigan’s raw, natural design sense.

Further investigation on her site’s BlumMag reveals these sensibilities on the season: “A season of such incredible beauty. Italian grown anemone – arriving in lush and massive bundles. From Holland, the Cloni Ranunculus – as prized to some as the beloved Peony. And Peony…New Zealand is gracing us with their high season’s beauties.”

So naturally we had to ask the most basic question for the nonbelievers (aka fake flower and plant owners): “Why flowers?”

“I think that flowers teach us one of the greatest lessons of being alive which is the lesson of letting go.” Her minimalist sense coming into clear view. “It’s an incredible lesson to learn… Everything you love, eventually you have to let it go. So with flowers, it teaches you to learn to love and gracefully let it go.”

Letting go is the part we despise about a wilted bouquet of flowers. But Corrigan offers a good lesson on life, love, and fighting clutter in one’s home. Corrigan goes on.

“I liken flowers to falling in and out of love. So when you get a beautiful bundle of flowers, you put them in your home [and] they bring to you this incredible energy, this beauty that you surround yourself with…but eventually they do pass on and fade and the longer you keep them around as a faded bloom, it’s like keeping a boyfriend around who isn’t quite the one.”

A thoughtful understanding of flowers and the things we wish to hold on to forever.

We are simply obsessed with and Corrigan’s freshly styled home. A fresh lens with which to view the season and all it has to offer by way of natural beauty is a refreshing alternative to the gold ornaments and red-and-white figurines. Snow dusted plants and seasonal blooms do give off a different energy and one  less difficult to which to say goodbye when the holidays est fini.