New Year, New You?The ever so tired, “New You.” Really? Setting yourself up for failure, are we? How about something a bit more specific than a whole new you, which ain’t gonna happen because…you’re you. You’re stuck with her, honey. So how about being a new colleague? New mom? New neighbor? Chisel it down to something more specific and manageable.

This year, be a new daughter. Call mom more, take her out to lunch, wear that darn dress she bought for you because it is really not going to kill you to do so. How about a new girlfriend or wife? Quit nagging him about who he, or she, actually is and give him that soft touch as you walk by him that says, “I’m still into you.”

How about changing things that really matter rather than focusing on how many times you are going to make it to the gym…which, probably, will not be the case come June. Make real changes in your life that are lasting and touch more people than just you. The impact will be  significant and you will feel good about this “new you.”

Skip the “I’m-going-to-get-a-promotion-this-year” statement because unless you can give yourself a promotion, it really is not within your control.

“I’m going to travel more”? – yes. “I’m going to lose 100 pounds”? – a bit too aggressive. How about 2 pounds a month? Set manageable goals of which you can be proud come 2018. Baby steps, it is the only sure way to see your goal to completion.