For RtA’s first presentation on the New York Fashion Week calendar, David Rimokh, Evelyn Ungari and Eli Azran presented a cool collection of biker leathers and fur chubbies. RtA, Road to Awe, is constructed much like “an Ikea piece,”  offers Azran, the designers have done ” all the hard work for [the customer]” and all the cool pieces can be put together easily for an effortlessly edgy look. Case and point, the collection includes a clever corseted sweatshirt under an army jacket.  A cool concept for a sporty everyday-piece but instead of searching for the right corset to create the look, the element is ready there.

“Feminine mixed with masculine” pieces run through the collection but our favorite,  a silver lame Ziggy-type suit. The suit best demonstrated the RtA girl but Hailey Baldwin in attendance may have been the sure winner.

With stores in Miami and Los Angeles recently opening, the trio hopes to open doors in New York next.