At the height of the political divide in America, one of the most sacred American past-times proves not to be impervious to political pandering. We are in a political climate where nothing is sacred – not judges, not children, not sports. It is a time for choosing sides in America, even as far as the Super Bowl is concerned. It was clear by halftime that lines were drawn, sides were chosen. A Falcons win would be a win for the liberals, a win for Hillary. A win for the Patriots would be a win for the conservative party, Trump…who never loses.

But like much information among Americans, facts are alternative and the understanding of our country is only seen through the depth and diversity of one’s reading library. While the Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady is a Trump supporter, the owner of the Falcons is as well. Nonetheless, Twitter was a blaze with funny politico-sport banter.

Here are the top political-tone tweets…


Saves the world


Alt facts


Django ref


Brexit Trump Patriots






Maher 2


bad guy always wins


Russia hacked super bowl


dishonest media


Both for Trump